Pre-Listing/Pre-Purchase Package

At Zuehlke Inspections we want your real estate experience to be a fun and rewarding one. There is no better way to avoid headaches, last minute negotiations, and stress than having a Pre-Listing inspection performed on your home prior to putting it on the market. Please read on to see how our program works.

Time for the inspection

We are members on and provide free marketing to all pre-inspected homes. Basically how this works is we would first perform a comprehensive inspection and provide you a report detailing the current condition of your home. You would then have the opportunity to fix what you want. The key here is fixing “what you want”.

The real estate disclosure rules state that you have to disclose what you know is wrong with your home. This scares most people off from Pre-listing inspections and it shouldn’t. This information will be disclosed by the buyers inspection anyway so the earlier in the process this is out in the open the better it is for everyone. Also, most items are not that expensive to repair, and before the listing period most repairs can be done by homeowners (this saves a significant amount of money).

You have fixed what you want and are ready to list your home for sale

We would then create a listing on with info, pictures, etc. Sort of like a Zillow listing but on this site your inspection report would be uploaded and offered to potential buyers for a small fee. (at the end of the listing period the fee is paid to you). The reason for the fee is to be sure the buyers are serious and not just “tire kickers”.

A sign is placed in the yard next to the for sale sign indicating that the home is pre-inspected and the report is available for purchase. This helps us capture leads from potential buyers that your agent can use for a potential sale. After the closing any fees collected by sold reports is returned to you and may offset some of the inspection fees.

This program is used all over the country and is a proven system for a smoother transaction and often times:

  • There is less anxiety and bad feelings between parties
  • There are less 11th hour negotiations or renegotiations after buyers’ inspections
  • Homes sell faster
  • Homes sell for more money
  • There are less surprises after buyers’ inspections

We think this is the correct way to sell real estate. Currently the inspection period is at the end of the transaction when it should be in the beginning, before any negotiations take place.

Discounts available

As part of our push to educate the public on this we are offering discounts to clients that hire us to perform Pre-listing and pre-purchase inspections when they sell and buy. For $25 off your pre-listing inspection use discount code: PRELISTING25OFF when booking your pre-listing inspection online at Book an Inspection. When you find your dream home and you hired us to perform your pre-listing inspection use discount code: NEWHOME100OFF to save $100 on your own buyers’ inspection.


If you have any questions about this program please let us know at

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