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Radon Detector:

There are numerous indoor air quality detectors on the market.  The AirThings Wave is a state of the art detector to help monitor indoor air quality on an ongoing basis without the need for lab fees.  To receive 10% off, use discount code: zuehlke-10OFF at checkout when ordering. Click the link below.


Home Security Systems:

ADT has an offer for free installation and equipment for our customers.  In some cases an in-home security system can make you eligible for discounts on your homeowners insurance.

ADT Flyer


Carbon Monoxide Safety:

Carbon monoxide is a concern in many homes.  The state of Wisconsin also has a state statute requiring the installation of a detector on every floor of your home.  Please see our Carbon Monoxide Safety Sheet below.

CO Safety


For more information on Asbestos please check out this free guide.  More info can also be found at




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