Healthy Homes Inspections

At Zuehlke Inspections, we care about your health. On a regular basis we observe conditions that are unsafe and conditions that compromise Indoor air quality. As we spend more time indoors, environmental hazards can have an impact on our health. Newer homes are sealed up much more tightly to adhere to newer energy codes, do not provide natural air exchanges. Older homes lack proper sealing and insulation levels. Often times this can result in condensation buildup in certain areas of the home and may lead to mold growth and a result in compromised indoor air quality.

Another condition that can negatively impact indoor air quality is the presence of radon gas. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is given off in the soil, it often times finds it’s way into homes and gets concentrated in dangerous levels. You cannot see, smell, or taste radon so testing is the only method in determining if your home is at risk.

A healthy home is dry, clean, and safe. Another aspect of a healthy home is matters of safety. Safety items consist of a lot of different components and/or conditions. Electrical issues, inadequate stair and guardrail construction, poorly built decks, improperly installed roofing materials, furnaces, and water heaters, etc. All of these systems and components can pose a safety and /or health hazard.

So we have developed the Healthy Homes Inspection for Homeowners that addresses these issues and more. This inspection specifically focuses on areas of concern of health and safety. This inspection includes the following:

  • A Comprehensive Inspection of your home and Garage
  • A Whole Home Thermal Imaging Scan
  • Radon Testing (Air testing with a continuous monitor)
  • Mold Testing (Air testing as well as swab sampling if necessary)

We are well versed in building science and will identify areas in need of attention to prevent conditions that adversely effect a healthy and safe environment. We will give valuable insights and tips on making your home healthier and safer. A healthy home is dry, safe, and clean. That should make the homeowner happy as well.

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