Termite/WDO Inspections

Termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms cause nearly $5 Billion in damages annually. In the Midwest, Southern Wisconsin specifically, many think Termites are a non-issue due to our harsh winters. This is categorically false. Neighborhoods in many southern Wisconsin towns and cities have active infestations and even more have past damage.

Certain types of home mortgage financing require Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspections to qualify for those types of mortgages. FHA and VA loans are a couple of examples of programs that require a WDO inspection in order to obtain that financing in most areas. FHA and VA lenders are required to confirm that there is not an infestation or significant termite or other WDO damage. If there are signs of termite activity These steps must be taken:

  • The home must be treated by a licensed pest control company.
  • Any damage created by termites must be repaired prior to closing.
  • Any conditions likely to result in additional termite activity must also be remedied.

Generally the termite inspection cannot be paid for by the buyer per VA rules.

If you are buying a home with one of these types of financing in Green, Dane, or Rock counties in Southern Wisconsin a WDO inspection on the NPMA-33 approved form is currently required. To schedule your Wood Destroying Organism inspection with us please visit: Book an Inspection.

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