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Indoor air quality is very important in maintaining a healthy home. Mold growth can cause damage not only to wall and floor coverings, but can also cause significant IAC2_logo_moldstructural damage.  All homes have mold, but the existence of elevated levels of certain types of mold can have a detrimental effect on indoor air quality and the health of the occupants.  A mold inspection will identify areas of moisture intrusion, plumbing deficiencies and other areas of concern with regards to moisture.  An air test is then conducted to determine if toxic mold spores are present in indoor air.

This can be a stand-alone service for current home and building owners or an additional service at the time of purchasing a new home.  During a complete Mold inspection the home is inspected for areas of potential moisture intrusion.

A typical Mold inspection will Include a look at: site drainage, roofing surfaces, roof penetrations and flashings, mold1-lgwall cladding, windows and doors or other areas of typical moisture intrusion.  We use Thermal Imaging as a tool to identify areas of moisture intrusion as well as inadequate air sealing or insulation levels.  An air test is conducted in an area of apparent mold growth and analyzed in a laboratory, a swab sample would also be taken of any surface mold that may be visible and accessible.  If no suspected mold is observed an air sample is taken near an HVAC vent to check for any airborne mold spores.  An inspection report along with the laboratory analysis is then provided.


Indoor air quality is essential in maintaining to provide a safe and comfortable home.  Compromised air quality can lead to an uncomfortable home and detrimental health effects, having IAQ testing done of your home for potential mold and radon gas is a great first step.

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Proudly providing Mold testing services to these Wisconsin communities:

Brodhead, Janesville, Orfordville, Footville, Juda, Evansville, Monroe, Browntown, South Wayne, Gratiot, Argyle, Darlington, New Glarus, Oregon, Madison, Edgerton, Milton, Platteville, Lake Geneva, Fontana, Beloit, Mineral Point, Verona, McFarland, Stoughton, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Middleton, Cross Plains, Black Earth, Brooklyn, Belleville, Monticello, Mt. Horeb, Clinton, Blanchardville, Delevan, Elkhorn, Whitewater.

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