Pre-Listing Seller Inspections

A Pre-Listing Inspection is an inspection paid for by the seller prior to listing the home for sale. Many sellers forego having this inspection done to save money on overall sale costs, this can be a big mistake.

The average home inspection finds over $14,000 worth of defects. The way real estate is sold, after a buyers inspection is performed, the price is re-negotiated, and any repairs that need to be done are required to be corrected by a licensed individual. This can add many thousands to the cost of the repairs. These costs are generally in the form of a closing credit, price reduction, or out of pocket repair costs.

A pre-listing inspection can bring the defects out in the open before the home is listed, allowing the seller to make repairs themselves. Or, if the homeowner is not interested in making the repairs, they can price the home accordingly.

The home inspection report can then be used as a great marketing tool. Since most homes are not pre-inspected, the home would have a “leg-up” on the competition.

The benefits are many:

  • The seller is in control of the transaction
  • The seller has the opportunity to build in the repair costs in to the listing price
  • The seller has the opportunity to shop around to get better repair prices
  • The Seller can make their own repairs
  • The house will have a listing advantage over other homes

Our pre-listing, seller inspection program is unique in that it also includes free marketing for the home powered by The inspection report is provided to your agent to be included with the real estate condition report on the MLS as full disclosure of the current condition of the home (this is actually the law anyway). The home is listed on where any leads generated are driven to your real estate agent. The report is also available on this platform for sale to potential buyers. All funds generated from sold inspection reports goes back to the seller after the listing period.

Benefits to the Inspected Houses system:

  • The home inspector will help market the house as drive leads to the listing and to your real estate agents website
  • The seller will receive value offers to help offset the cost of the inspection
  • The home inspection report can be sold with any proceeds going back to the seller.
  • A 6 month warranty is offered to the seller

The benefits are many, contact us today to schedule your Pre-Listing inspection!

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Proudly providing Pre-Sale Inspection services to these Wisconsin Communities:

Brodhead, Janesville, Orfordville, Footville, Juda, Evansville, Monroe, Browntown, South Wayne, Gratiot, Argyle, Darlington, New Glarus, Oregon, Madison, Edgerton, Milton, Platteville, Lake Geneva, Fontana, Beloit, Mineral Point, Verona, McFarland, Stoughton, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Middleton, Cross Plains, Black Earth, Brooklyn, Belleville, Monticello, Mt. Horeb, Clinton, Blanchardville, Delevan, Elkhorn, Whitewater.

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