Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Indoor air quality is an important factor in a healthy home. As we spend more time indoors environmental hazards can have an impact on our health. Newer homes are sealed up much more tightly to adhere to newer energy codes and do not provide natural air exchanges. Often times this can result in condensation buildup in certain areas of the home and may lead to mold growth and a compromised indoor air quality. Performing a moisture intrusion inspection or complete mold inspection of your home can help identify problem areas and conditions.

Another condition that can negatively impact indoor air quality is the presence of radon gas. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is given off in the soil, it often times finds it’s way into homes and gets concentrated in dangerous levels. You cannot see, smell, or taste radon so testing is the only method in determining if your home is at risk.

At Zuehlke Inspections we care about your health and safety and have developed this inspection package specifically for homeowners that are interested in improving their indoor air quality but don’t necessarily know where to get started.

The package includes a complete mold inspection where we investigate the whole home for areas of moisture intrusion, condensation issues, plumbing leakage, even inadequate insulation. We use specialized equipment including Thermal Imaging cameras, moisture meters, and over 10 years of residential inspection experience.

In addition to that we will perform a short term radon test to see where your levels are and help you in determining if Radon Mitigation is necessary.

Schedule your appointment on our book an inspection page.

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