Help! I am selling my house; how do I get ready for the home inspection?

Help! I am selling my house; how do I get ready for the home inspection?

This is a common question.  How DO you get ready for your home to be inspected?  Many people only go through the home sale process once or twice in their whole lives so knowing the answer to that question can be tricky.

On many inspections important systems are obstructed by owner’s contents that makes the inspection of those items difficult and sometimes even impossible.  When a home inspector cannot examine a system, it leaves the buyer with uncertainty and may lead to a real estate transaction falling apart.

Here are a few items to be sure to have clear for the inspector:

IMG_20171215_130408The electrical panel – The electrical panel must have a working space directly in front of it measuring 30 inches wide by at least 18 inches deep.  This allows the inspector the proper amount of room to remove the dead front (Cover) safely.

The furnace – The furnace also requires a working area located directly in front of it to allow examination of the interior of the unit and for annual servicing.

Attic Access – In many homes the attic access is in a bedroom closet.  Clearing the area near the access panel is helpful to allow the inspector to enter the attic.  Many inspectors are leery of moving owner’s possessions and may lead to IMG_5778disclaiming the attic space in the inspection report.  Also, if the attic is in the garage, removing any vehicles or obstructions directly below this area would also be recommended as the inspector will likely not climb a ladder directly above a vehicle.

The home inspection is likely the last time the buyers are able to view the home prior to the closing day.  Having the home clean and in show quality condition is also ideal as the inspection time is when the buyers are critical of the home condition and systems.  Having a clean home shows that the home is cared for and properly maintained.

In summary, selling a home and going through the inspection process can be challenging and stressful.  Taking care of these items ahead of time can make the process easier and leave a favorable impression on your buyer.  It may also make your inspector a happy camper.


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AzuehlkeAaron M. Zuehlke is the owner and lead inspector at Zuehlke Inspection Service, LLC, a full-service home inspection company serving southern Wisconsin. Specializing in Home inspection, Radon Testing and residential Thermal Imaging.

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