Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Many sellers of residential real estate may not know they have the option to have their home inspected prior to putting it on the market. A Pre-Listing Inspection is a great way to find out the true condition of your home prior to listing it with a real estate agent.

What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A Pre-Listing inspection is a home inspection arranged by and paid for by the seller.

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Many homeowners are not aware of the true condition of their homes. A buyers inspection will certainly turn up some deficiencies that the owners did not know existed. A Pre-Inspection allows the sellers to have items repaired prior to listing and any prospective buyers inspections. Generally homes are listed and after there is an accepted offer, the buyers arrange a home inspection. Often times this inspection reveals defects in the home that kills the sale. Having the home Pre-Inspected may eliminate this from happening.

What are the advantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection?

  1. It may save you Money

    If defects are discovered during a buyers inspection, the buyer may ask for a price reduction, a credit, or make you have the item repaired. Due to time constraints you may not be able to shop around for the most cost effective professional and may lead to a higher price tag.

  • It may lead to a faster sale and closing

    Getting your home in the best shape possible prior to listing will make the home show better and may avoid re-negotiations after the buyers inspection.

  • It allows homeowners and their agents properly price their home

    Homes that are listed for sale at too high generally sit on the market much longer than homes that are not properly priced. Price reductions do not attract buyers as well as when homes hit the market, so properly pricing your home from the start is very important.

  • It shows trustworthiness on the part of the seller

    Disclosing problem area within the home shows trustworthiness on the part of the seller and can set the buyers at ease.

  • It can set your listing apart from the rest

    Pre-Listing inspections are not the norm. Providing the inspection report to prospective buyers showing all of the repairs that have been made can eliminate or avoid buyers request for price reductions or credits. The inspection report can be used as effective marketing tool

Disadvantages of Pre-Listing Inspections

The main disadvantage of Pre-Listing Inspections is that most areas require sellers to disclose any defects they are aware of within the home.  Many real estate professionals don’t recommend pre-listing inspections, and consider them a unnecessary expense.  However, most likely the buyers are going to conduct an inspection to find any major deficiencies anyway so knowing them up front can make the transaction go more smoothly.

The Verdict

Pre-Listing inspections are often a great idea. It shows forthrightness on the part of sellers and can put buyers at ease. Repair costs can also be mitigated since the sellers can choose the repair professional and oversee the repairs.

For more information on our Pre-Listing inspection offering click here: Pre-Listing Seller Inspections


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Aaron M. Zuehlke is the owner and lead inspector at Zuehlke Inspection Service, LLC, a full-service home inspection company serving Southern Wisconsin. Specializing in Home inspection, Radon Testing and Residential Thermal Imaging.

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