Annual Home Maintenance

Annual home maintenance is extremely important to maintaining the value of your home.  We are about to announce a home maintenance inspection service so I though what better way to do that than in a blog post.

As we inspect in southern Wisconsin we find that many items that always come up during buyers inspections are related to maintenance, or more accurately, deferred maintenance.

Windows and doors:

1520433358175Most of this maintenance would be very inexpensive, like keeping any exterior wood components painted and caulked, especially around windows and doors.  Also the interior of windows, often times the sun or excessive
1526403812973condensation forming during winter months ends up  staining and deteriorating the window sash.  Keeping these areas sealed is necessary to protect the integrity of the sash.



Another common item that is identified during inspections is shingle wear and nail pops on asphalt shingles.  As you walk through neighborhoods you will often see shingles that IMG_20171111_090252are slightly lifted on the low side of the tab or strip.  This is generally from fasteners that are working their way back out.  These fasteners can just be replaced easily before they become a greater problem.  When these fasteners are not replaced they eventually poke through the shingle above.  I have been to many homes that had 20 or more locations.  In some instances replacement of areas of shingles is needed.  An annual examination of the roofing surface could prevent such extensive damage.


There are many maintenance free siding choices available.  Well, nothing is actually maintenance free.  Regular cleaning and examination is necessary even with vinyl.  Changes in temperature from afternoon to evening can cause vinyl to move a great deal by expansion and contraction, this can cause the siding to come loose or even detach from the wall. (I have been battling this for some time on my own home)  Regular examination of your siding condition is recommended to prevent damage.

Many older homes with wood siding has also been incorrectly installed at roof height IMG_9415change transitions.  The siding should not come into contact with the roofing surface.  The wood acts like a sponge and will wick moisture from the shingles by capillary action.  We often see the base of the siding completely rotted at the flashing.  A 2 inch gap is required.  While the 2 inch gap is a fairly new dimension, you should be able to visually see the flashing beneath the  base of the siding.

Our Home maintenance Inspection:

These are just a few of the items discovered on an annual maintenance inspection.  We put the home through it’s paces to discover any deficiencies on the exterior as you can see here but also all of the other systems of the home including: Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, etc.  We also do a thermal imaging scan to identify areas of possible roofing or plumbing leakage or areas of inadequate insulation that could lead to condensation damage, energy loss and the home to not be as comfortable as desired.

We can set up a one time inspection or an annual service.  These inspections are ideal in the spring or fall as the roof is generally free from snow cover and this gives time for repairs to be conducted before the harsh summer and winter weather arrives.  Our past home buyer or seller clients also receive discounted pricing for their loyalty.  To learn more about this new offering please visit: Annual Home Maintenance Inspections.


If you have a home inspection or home maintenance related topic you’d like to read about please send your suggestion to me via email at

Azuehlke2Aaron M. Zuehlke is the owner and lead inspector at Zuehlke Inspection Service, LLC, a full-service home inspection company serving Southern Wisconsin. Specializing in Home inspection, Radon Testing and Residential Thermal Imaging.

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